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Entry #4

Flash Controlled WheelChair!

2009-11-15 00:44:49 by Pako

I thought it be a pretty sweet idea to combine my flash background with my engineering background and design an autonomous flashcontrolled wheelchair for my fourth year electrical engineering project. Well apparently i overlooked one crutial thing....


Yes indeed...its quite the delema and the worse part is that i really thought i could learn this stuff in about a few days and its proved to be quire impossible. Yeah i know who woulda guessed???

So i bow down to all you actionscripters out there who have taken the time and effort to learn these intricate functions & classes and mutlivariable combinations of both! Anyways this is more of a cry for help than anything, soooo for anyone out there who'd be willing to answer this simple questions:

How in the hell does one link an instance on the timeline with an actionscript (.as) file

it would be greatly appreciated :)




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2009-12-03 07:37:36

I can tell you about the secret of looooove.

Pako responds: